French courses

From Escuela de Idiomas de Úbeda, we encourage the teaching and learning of French and we cultivate international cultural cooperation. Also we show a broad view of France and the French-speaking world through information about cultural, social and political aspects.

Following the new methodologies of teaching French as a foreign language carefully, the aim of the teaching staff of Escuela de Idiomas de Úbeda is to develop in our students:
• Language skills.
• Communication skills.
• Intercultural skills, knowledge and understanding of the French-speaking world.

After a personal interview with a teacher, student s will be integrated in a suitable group, depending on their needs and expectations. There are groups with a limited number of students to provide a pleasant learning environment and a personalized friendly approach to communication. They are organized in groups according to age (children, teenagers, adults) and according to the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning (CFER):

A1: basic user, beginner level.

A2: basic user, lower intermediate level.

B1: independent user, upper-intermediate level.

B2: independent user, advanced level.

C1: experienced user, autonomous level.

C2: experienced user, higher level.