Learn Spanish in Úbeda

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. It is the official language in 22 countries, in the European Union and it is the second language in the USA. It is difficult, then, to question the need to learn Spanish nowadays. “Spanish is a language, but it opens doors to a lot of worlds”.
Úbeda is a privileged place for learning the Spanish language. It's a town with a population of about 35,000 inhabitants and where few foreigners live. People are sociable, friendly and love to meet new people. It is a safe city, traditional and historical, but also modern and vital.
Úbeda is conveniently located an hour and a half from Granada or Cordoba and two hours from Malaga, Seville and Almeria. The nearest airports are in Granada, Malaga and Seville. Andalusia is a region in which, unlike other regions, evrybody, from its inhabitants to the government and the media, speaks only Spanish.

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Euroidiomas Escuela de Idiomas

Our school is located in the centre of Úbeda and has all the facilities and infrastructure required for the proper teaching of languages.

We are fully aware that teaching and learning are not just transmitting and receiving specific contents, but much more complex processes, which requires certain physical, organizational and emotional conditions in order to be carried out successfully.

Generating these conditions is one of our major concerns.

Our school is not massive, but instead, it pursues a warm and personalized service, in which the students find answers to their needs and concerns. The goal of our language programmes is to develop communicative competence in our students and achieve a language acquisition from language and cultural materials, and through constant interaction with various sectors of Spanish society.

Within immersion programmes, if the student is keen to know any particular aspect of our reality (professional, commercial, sport, cultural), our school will facilitate contacts with institutions or specialists in the subject.


All our teachers are Spanish, being Spanish their native language. They are college graduates, specialized and experienced in teaching Spanish to foreigners. It is also important to emphasize that they have a high cultural level, which enables an excellent interaction with students. Moreover, most of our teachers have travelled abroad, so they are in an excellent position to understand the needs and cultural diversity of a foreigner.

Spanish Courses for Foreigners

Spanish courses are aimed to international students from around the world who may come to Úbeda for different reasons and for different purposes. They might need to speak and write in Spanish in order to communicate in familiar situations, tourism, business, studies or just for fun.

The first day of the course a placement test is performed to determine the level of the students. And then, they are distributed into homogeneous groups. Our courses consist of the following subjects: Language and culture and oral and written skills.

Students who reach the highest level are able to cope with guaranteed success tests certified by the Institute Cervantes, under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Spanish courses are offered in six levels A1-A2-B1-B2-C1 and C2, following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Cultural immersion courses

Escuela de Idiomas de Úbeda offers the chance to take language courses together with other cultural courses. These courses combine 20 hours of Spanish and 3-5 hours of Spanish culture a week.

These cultural immersion courses aim to develop a particular language skill or engage students in a topic of interest. You can combine Spanish courses with courses on handcrafts, such as pottery, Flamenco dance and Flamenco guitar or Spanish Culture.


During the courses, students can choose from a varied programme of activities to complete their language and cultural training. In their free time, students may attend a bullfight, watch the most recent Spanish films, visit the craftsmen in the town, dance Flamenco, have chocolate with “churros” or live the Spanish night together with classmates and teacher from the School.

The school also offers guided tours to places of interest in the region (Granada, Cordoba, Jaen, the mountain range de Cazorla). All these ctivities are aimed to give students an appreciation of Spanish life and culture that will forever remain as part of their lives.


During the completion of the courses, Escuela de Idiomas de Úbeda offers students full board homestays in the city. Host families are selected by the School staff to ensure students warm and suitable housing conditions.

The students are expected to join as one more member of the family, with the same rights and obligations as the rest and accept the authority of the host parents, which is the same as on their own children, in case of under-18 students.

There is also the possibility to stay in apartments or take advantage of staying in one of the many hotels the city offers.


Curso de Español para extranjeros y baile flamenco


This course combines 20 Spanish lessons a week with 3 or 5 flamenco dance lessons a week. Spanish lessons are taught in our school and Flamenco dance lessons at a nearby school that is specialized in Flamenco dance.

The course is suitable for students of all levels. It doesn’t matter your level of Spanish or whether you have danced Flamenco before or not. You’ll have to do a Spanish level test on the first day of the course. A professional and fully qualified teacher will teach your dance lessons.

This popular course is a great way to learn Spanish, make friends and learn this expressive and passionate dance style. Flamenco lessons are offered at different times of the day to adjust to your Spanish lessons. You can choose between 3 and 5 lessons a week, depending on how fast you want to improve your skills.



Flamenco guitar lessons


In flamenco guitar lessons, guitar students can participate at any level to learn how to play flamenco guitar. Teachers work technical and theoretical aspects of flamenco guitar and the level and pace of learning are applied depending on the learner.
Escuela de Idiomas de Úbeda organizes the course in partnership with a Flamenco school from the town.


Spanish courses for foreigners and handcrafts


Handraft is defined as the realization of objects, usually decorative, commonly used and with little or no intervention of machinery. The presence of crafts in humanity, although not exactly dated, goes back to prehistory, as it is witnessed in craft objects found in archaeological excavations in the town of Úbeda and its surroundings.


Handcraft has its own professional field. Artisans are responsible for making some of the most valuable objects of common use. Examples of the importance of the work of these specialists found in Úbeda are church windows, public buildings and museums, unique pieces of ironwork for buildings, etc.


Escuela de Idiomas de Úbeda offers combined courses of Spanish Language and handcrafting. They consist of 20 hours of Spanish lessons and 3 to 5 of handcrafting lessons a week.

HandCraft disciplines offered are:


Cabinetmaking and Carpentry
Plant fibers
Jewellery and working with precious metals
Stained glass and Artistic Lanterns