Programme for foreign students

Open the doors of your home to a world without borders.

Do you think that a language cannot be learned simply by studying it in books? Is your family open to other cultures and would like to share your culture with a foreign student and create an everlasting friendship? If so, join in our programme for foreign students.

The programme for foreign students is aimed at all kind of families. The idea is that these families can experience another culture without leaving their place of residence, while foreign students enjoy different traditions. An exchange that ``is a short experience, but which has effects that last a lifetime``.
In addition to this, we have to add another important component: the language. This aspect is really valuable especially for families with children who are in the process of learning the native language of the foreign student. Living with the new house member allows both parts to practice a language exchange.
Foreign students are aged between 15 and 60 years. They are flexible, open and communicative and want to know Spain and its customs.
During the student's stay in our country, the family does not accept any legal responsibility for it. Euroidiomas Escuela de Idiomas takes over the tutoring of the students and oversees their correct adaptation through a local supervisor. To be a host family, you must first complete an application form.
After evaluating applications, a representative of Euroidiomas Escuela de Idiomas arranges a personal interview and a visit to the families to make sure the home is suitable for the student. Later, family profiles are compared with those of the students applying to the program to assign the home that best suits their particular characteristics or families are sent a list of potential candidates so that they can select the one they want.
From here, families only have to wait for the student on the date set by the organization to start the courses in our city. Language courses can be short-term (two to eight weeks), part of the academic year (one or two terms) or full-term (nine months). Often during the waiting time until the arrival of the students, a first contact is established between them and the host families either by letter, e-mail or phone.
The role of the host families is to act as hosts, indeed, but not changing their way of life, as the purpose is to get the student integrated naturally in the culture of our country. Students are expected to find love, affection, understanding and the same treatment as the other members of the family. This means that the student must adapt to the rules, schedules, habits and common household obligations.
The cost involved for the host families concerns only accommodation and meals. Personal expenses and those related to their studies (academic material, transportation, classes, school, etc.) must be paid by the students.
In gratitude to the generous efforts of host families, Euroidiomas Escuela de Idiomas offers them financial assistance for accommodation expenses of the student.