Studying Abroad

Studying abroad not only allows to learn or improve a language, but to ``dive`` into another culture. Knowing the traditions and peculiarities of a country helps understand the behaviour and attitudes of its inhabitants. Living in the country where people speak a language is definitely the fastest and most effective way to learn that language.

The students are expected to join as a member in the host families, involving the same rights and obligations as the rest of the members of the family and accept the authority that the host parents may have over them - that is the same as over their own children- in case of under 18 students.
The role of the host families is to act as host,indeed, but not substantially changing their way of life, as the aim is to integrate the students naturally in the culture of the country. Students are expected to find love, affection, understanding and equal treatment. This means that the student must also adapt to the rules, timetables, habits and common household obligations.
``It's a short experience, but its effects last a lifetime.``
Escuela de Idiomas de Úbeda offers a wide range of language immersion programmes of the highest quality for adults and young learners over 16.
Teachers of the school accompany organized groups and oversee the evelopment of on-site courses.
The schools abroad are carefully selected and they are well known for creating a truly friendly international environment and support students in their learning. Special emphasis is dedicated to the command of oral communication, all with the help and support of highly professional teachers.
We have such attractive destinations as London, Dublin, Belfast, Totnes or Leeds.
Students can choose from various types of accommodation: staying with a family, living in an apartment, a student hall of residence, etc.
Prices include:
Tuition and fees
Classes (number of hours according to the programme).
Placement test on arrival
Certificate of the course and level obtained by the student
Room and Board (in the case of homestay)
Medical and accident insurance (once the students reach the destination)
Prices do not include:
Flight expenses, transportation and travelling when abroad
Additional activities abroad